peer review

This reply should include two things.Include one comment noting what the student has done really well. This should NOT be saying something like “Great executive summary!” Instead, your comment should make note of something interesting that you found from the term paper or something new that you learned.Include one comment noting what the student could have done better to improve their paper.Find and use the Grading Rubric in Canvas to give each of the two students a score in Canvas for their term paper. You must score each of the two students in each of the 4 categories shown in the rubric. To score the student, just click in each category on the column showing the number of points that you determine to be appropriate.While you are submitting a grade with your peer reviews, please understand that your professor will be the one to ultimately assign the final grade to everyone’s term paper.You will be graded on the thoughtfulness of your peer reviews and whether you appropriately used the Grading Rubric. (20 points).