Part I) George Frost Kennan Advocated For The Containment Of Communist Expansion, Nursing Essay Help

Part I) George Frost Kennan advocated for the containment of communist expansion, though firstly through economic and political means, as illustrated by the Marshall Plan. A) True B) False Part II) What were some possible contributing factors to the outbreak and perpetuation of the Cold War? A) Political and economic differences between the USA and USSR. B) The imposition of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. C) The nuclear arms race. D) All of the above can arguably be considered true. Part III) Which statement is false re: civil rights? A) Mendez v. Westminster was a landmark case in California that held that children of Latin American descent could not be forced to attend segregated schools. B) The peaceful Woolworth’s sit-ins resulted in the desegregation of the chain’s lunch counters. C) The Freedom Riders practiced nonviolent protest even when attacked. D) Cezar Chavez was effective in unionizing California farm workers. E) As a conservative housewife, Betty Friedan was instrumental in forming NOW to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment. Part IV) Ironically enough, the Cold War — which posited that the United States was the good guy — contributed to the outbreak of the Civil Rights movement by forcing the nation to confront racist laws and practices. Media coverage helped too. A) True B) False