Part 1 watch the video and answer the questions part 2 read the article and answer the questions part 3 excel project

But what if your local pizza shop could use AI to predict which flavor would sell best each day of the week? Andrew Ng shares a vision for democratizing access to AI, empowering any business to make decisions that will increase their profit and productivity. Learn how we could build a richer society – all with just a few self-provided data points.  Discussion Questions:1.    Why is AI used by large corporations and not small companies?  Expand on you answer.2.    How could small companies use AI and how could they benefit?  Give some examples.3.    From the Video, “The coming era for AI is to democratize access.”  What does this mean and how does it affect businesses?Part BrArtificial Intelligence in RetailQuestionsWhat potential problems can arise from retailers implementing machine learning applications? Provide examples to support your answer.Are ML applications more important to physical stores or online stores? Support your choice with examples.