Oedipus the King by Sophocles

Before the play begins, the gods have set Oedipus’ destiny as a horrific one – to kill his father and marry his mother. Once Oedipus learns his fate, he attempts to avoid it by leaving the couple he believed to be his parents, but his plan to thwart destiny only serves to make those prophesies come true. In a well-developed essay, explore the ideas of free will and predetermination in the play. Can the characters be held responsible for their actions? Do any of their choices matter? Look specifically at Oedipus, but address Jocasta and Creon as well.IronyOedipus the King contains dramatic, situational, and verbal irony. Cite direct examples of all three types of irony in the play, then explain the effect of irony on the overall themes of the work. Also, examine how Sophocles uses irony to affect the reader’s mood and his attitude towards Oedipus, Tiresias, and Jocasta.RelevanceOedipus the King is a play that we still read over 2000 years after it was first written. It must contain issues and themes that hold power with audiences throughout the ages. It must say something important about the world or about us, as people. What makes it still important or interesting for our own time? What does it say about people that is still true? How can it provide us with warnings that are relevant to our own lives, even now? Why do we still read it?You must have at least three sources.You must have in-text citations for every source and for all information that is not yours.If you do not have in-text citations (citations within the text of the paper), you will earn a zero on the research paper because you have committed a plagiarism violation.Research paper:  Please read all of the instructions below.Your research paper must follow the paramaters below.Add your name, class, date, and assignment title at the top left corner of the first page of your research paper .  Begin your research paper on the same page.There is no separate title page. NameDateCourseAssignment titleContent  =  6-8 pagesWorks Cited page = 1 page                    You must have at least three references with in-text citations.You may write your paper in sections; however, you will need a transition to connect the sections to one another.EXAMPLE OF SUCH A SECTIONAL BREAKDOWN:Section 1: Introduction (1/2 page): Introduce the play and the author/add a short plot of the play/add the topic sentenceSection 2: Background information about the play and/or legend of Oedipus (no more than 1/2 page).Section 3: Discussion of Plot and Its Relevance to Your Chosen Topic  (1-2 pages)Section 4:  Discussion of Characters and Its Relevance to Your Chosen Topic (1-2 pages)Section 5:  Discussion of the Meaning of the Play and Its Relevance to Your Chosen Topic (1-2 pages)Section 6: Conclusion: Restate the main ideas of the essay. (1/2 page)Reference page  (does not count in page total)Total 5-7 pages content