*NOTE: A total of 100 points are available if you turn it in on time. Late submission may result

*NOTE: A total of 100 points are available if you turn it in on time. Late submission may result in a loss of 20 point, each day (unless otherwise specified). No late submission is allowed after certain days have passed without prior agreement (i.e., by 11:59 PM, 10/25 [Tue]). Please make sure you submit the work on time. You are more than welcome to reference our textbook and APA manual along with this PDF file shown above, but those are the only two resources you are allowed to use for this exam.

Please download the PDF file shown above. It is a poster presentation that previous psychology senior students presented at annual convention of Arkansas Symposium for Psychology Students (ASPS) on April 20, 2019. The goal of this midterm exam is to build research and critical reading skills on how to extract the information and provide your analysis from a professional presentation. Avoid coping and pasting questions. Just go by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and provide your response. Based on the file, you will need to answer the followings:

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1. Write down the full citation for the article in APA format (5 points). You are more than welcome to use the APA style available on blackboard or the APA manual (7th edition) if you have a copy. *NOTE: APA formatting is important to receive a full credit (1 citation; 5 point).

2. What is the purpose of this article? Is this experimental or correlational study? (2 sentences; 5 points)

3. Write approximately 250-word abstract of this study. Please list 3-5 key words in the bottom. You abstract must be 1-paragraph, double-spaced that fits in one page. It must be in APA format as well (1 paragraph [250 words minimum]; 10 points).

4. Based on two hypotheses shown in the poster, identify research questions of the study (2 sentences; 5 points)

5. Identify the study’s participants. What is the sampling methods that these authors used? How many participants completed the study? What are the demographic information of those participants? What did the participants do in the study? (1 paragraph; 10 points)

6. What are the variables of this study? How many independent variables (IVs)? How many dependent variables (DVs)? (3 sentences; 5 points)

7. Which “data (or statistical)” analysis the authors used? (You will need to wisely *guess* in order to provide the answer) Why do you think those researchers used 5 different measures? What is the result of the study? Was it consistent with the hypotheses? (2 paragraphs [500 words minimum]; 20 points)

8. What are your primary conclusions from the poster—based on the information that is given? Use your own words (1 paragraph [250 words minimum]; 10 points)

9. What are the theoretical and practical implications of the results? (1 paragraph [250 words minimum]; 10 points)

10. Was the result expected–in your perspective? What are the strengths and limitations of the study? If you were a researcher, how would you want to develop or expand your study based on the given findings? (2 paragraphs [500 minimum]; 20 points