Nike Inc.

The marketing plan should focus on consumer awareness and involvement strategies.  Hence, this new plan is a revamp of the current marketing approaches capturing the company’s move towards sustainability with the focus being transparency, whereby consumers can access links to each product to identify the entire process from sourcing to distribution and the ethical practices incorporated.  The intended market is the rising conscious consumer attracted to brands that adopt ethical practices in their operationsRequired Marketing plan Headings:Executive SummarySituation Analysis -Market Summary -Target MarketsMarketing Demographics -Geographics -Demographics -Behavioral factorsMarket NeedsMarket TrendsMarket GrowthSWOT AnalysisCompetitors AnalysisMarket Strategy -Marketing objectives -Financial objectives -Positioning strategyMarketing tactics -Product -Price -Distribution -Communication -ResearchFinancials -Break-Even Analysis -Sales Forecast -Marketing BudgetCourse Objectives:Develop a Marketing Plan.Define the types of marketing research.Analyze potential pricing alternatives.Define channel strategyDesign a sales management plan.Define the process for bringing a new product or service to market.