Network Security

You will be a security analyst working for Northwest Shelbyville Regional Hospital (NWSRH). This will be a multipart project where you will:Write a Vulnerability Memo (submitted Week 3)For this assignment, you will select and research two networked internet of things (IoT) or internet of medical things (IoMT) devices with publicly known security vulnerabilities. Create a Physical Security Plan (submitted Week 5)For this assignment, you will make recommendations for ensuring the physical security of the hospital exterior, lobby, and maternity unit.Design a HIPAA, PII, and PHI Training (submitted Week 7)Here, you create a narrated PowerPoint presentation for an employee HIPAA training that addresses the administrative, physical, and technical security of personal health information.MEMOYour task this week is to check the internet and the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) List for networked IoT or IoMT devices with publicly known problems identified in the past year. Select two devices related that might be relevant to the organization setting and review what is known about the vulnerabilities of these devices.For each device, include background information about the device, a description of the vulnerability, possible solutions that have been identified to fix the vulnerability, and your recommendation on whether the organization should avoid the product.Use this Memo Template to record your work. (attached)Plan Download the Physical Security Plan Maps (attached) and save it as FirstName_LastName_Physical_Security_Plan. The file, containing three maps of the hospital, should download as a Microsoft PowerPoint. You may have to click the “Enable Editing” button.For each map, click the icons in the map key and drag them to the place on the map you believe they should be located. If you want to place an icon multiple times, you can copy the icon by right-clicking or selecting it and pressing Ctrl C, and then pressing Ctrl V as needed.The Physical Security Plan Template contains follow-up questions related to the maps.These resources are about physical control planning, which will help with your assignment:Security ControlsPhysical Security PlanningSecurity Considerations for HospitalsPower Point Training The human resource department is updating its HIPAA Basic Training for Privacy and Security course. As a security analyst for the hospital, you have been tasked with covering the topics in the training related to the HIPAA security rule and the information that hospital staff need to know regarding personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), and electronic personal health information (ePHI) to comply with federal regulations.This week, you will submit your PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should include narrative voice overlays for each slide (I will do, please do not do a voice over) Include one to two slides (i.e. for a total of 4-8 slides) for each bullet point below explaining the following:HIPAA Security Rule (1-2 slides )HIPAA, PII, PHI, and ePHI Definitions (1-2 slides )Safeguarding of PII, PHI, and ePHI (1-2 slides )Disclosures of PII, PHI, and ePHI (1-2 slides )Note:The slide count of your presentation does not include the title slide, table of the content slide, introduction slide, and references slide. Include 2-3 quality references to support your assertions.Use the given PowerPoint template in the project template section under the content area (attached) You may also want to refer to the HIPAA Learning Resources from last week.