Montaigne believes that the finest lives are possible by conforming to the ordinary human model

Write down the word count under your name.An essay with more than five grammatical or spelling errors will not be graded. Such an essay will be returned to the student, who may resubmit a revised essay within five days. A revised essay may be submitted only once.You do not have to answer all the questions in the topic. What I want to read is an essay, after all, not an exam paper.Do not report your personal faith in your philosophy essay. Do not quote passages of any specific biblical scripture in your essay. These are irrelevant to your philosophical points.You should try to narrow down the scope of your topic and dig down deeper. Jumbling up many miscellaneous points in a short essay does not make a philosophy paper.Minimum requirements: describe the view concisely, discuss why it is good or not, consider possible objections to your evaluation, think of rebuttals of these objections to save your original view, and briefly conclude your discussions.