MKT 341 week 7 Chapter 16 Kize Energy Bars Case Study

Kize Energy Bars Case Study

Marketing Plan Chapter 16 presents the marketing plan, a cohesive strategy that combines marketing principles covered throughout the entire book.
Go to Kize Homepage and look through the information for Kize Concepts, an energy-bar company featured earlier in the textbook. (You may also want to look through the company’s social media profiles as well.)Next, evaluate the following pieces of the marketing plan for the company and consider the following: What do you think each element of the marketing plan would be for Kize Concepts given what you see online?

Brand Identity
What is the current brand identity? How is this conveyed?
Target Market
What does the current target market appear to be?

What is the current product or service?

Positioning Statement
Write out what you think the company’s positioning statement is based on what you have researched. Use the positioning statement template in the textbook.

Country Analysis and Statistics: Canada

I need help with a project from my

International Marketing class. It is about Canada. I want you to find articles

about the country’s economic situation and how easy or difficult it is for

foreign firms to open up a business in the country.
Include also the local customs of doing business in the country,

laws and regulations to establish a business in the country etc..
Use academic sources (attached are instructions to access

library) as well as the Statista database to find statistics/numbers about the

country’s economy, for example their imports/exports, inflation, unemployment

Write minimum 5 pages using APA Format, and the 5 pages should

exclude your abstract or reference pages. Please

add the links (if applied) at the reference page of each academic sources used.

SuperBowl Commercial Advertising Brief

Marketing Assignment Help The Super Bowl is 2/13. Choose a commercial that ran during the Super Bowl and provide the following information:
1. Provide a link to the commercial online.
2. Name the brand represented in the commercial (e.g., Frito Lay).
3. Name the product line of the brand represented in the commercial (if different from the brand): (e.g., Doritos)
4. Outline some of the basics of an Advertising Brief:
Background – Please give a brief history/overview of the brand; their mission; their brand image in the marketplace; biggest competitors; popularity and awareness of their brand/product line.
Role of Communication – Why do you think the brand wanted to run a commercial during the Super Bowl?
Target Audience – Please describe who you think the commercial is targeted towards with as much detail as possible.
Key Idea – What do you think the single most important idea the commercial is trying to convey?
Reason to Believe – Why should the consumer believe in the brand and/or product line after watching the commercial?
Tone – Discuss the brand voice used in the commercial. What does it represent? What image is it trying to promote?
5. Finally, discuss what you think the goal of the commercial was and if you think the brand hit the mark with the commercial. (i.e., Was it a success, in your opinion?)
Note: Some Super Bowl commercials have already been released online, if you want to get a head start

“Your” Fortune 500 Company –“Walmart”

You are interviewing for a senior communication director job at your Fortune 500 company ” Walmart”. To prepare for your interview, it is essential you know as much about the company as possible. For your first assignment, put together a dossier about the Walmart Use multiple sources to begin to learn more about your organization: company Website, Google, blogs, social media, Lexis-Nexis (or any other news gathering service). Please do not cut-and-paste sections of text from the company’s website, as this is considered plagiarism, and you will be reported. Everything you write in this dossier should be in your own words properly cited with quotation marks and in-text citations, as well as a reference page.
In your dossier, include the following:
PART 1: Write a one-paragraph summary of the company “Walmart” in your own words. [10%]
PART II: Present ten important facts about the company (bulleted; do not copy paste). [Note: these 10 facts should be distinct from what you are writing about in the rest of the assignment. For example, if Tesla is your company, one of the facts should not be that Elon Musk is the CEO, because that is information you will report in point 4. Instead you could say that Elon Musk, the current CEO, is one of the founders of the company, and that would be considered additional information beyond just stating who the CEO is]. [15%]
PART III: What is the company’s current share price? Summarize the company’s financial performance for the last quarter of 2021 (at the very least include revenues, profit, dividend paid out, if any), and discuss any trends that analysts are talking about related to the company. [20%]
PART IV: Who is the CEO? If you can, provide the name of the current CCO or whoever appears to be the senior public relations/communications executive [Note: points will be taken off if I am able to find the name of this person, but you do not report it in the assignment]. [10%]
PART V: What is the company’s mission statement [Note: you may copy paste only the mission statement]? How well is it reflected on the website, through the company’s various communication media (i.e., advertising, social media, through various tabs on their website, sister websites, and so on)? In what ways can you identify the company trying to implement aspects of the mission statement, through communication and through its actions? [Note: you should write at least a few paragraphs about this]. [20%]
PART VI: Visit the company’s online press center (might be referred to as “media center” or “press center” or “news” or something else.)Share your impressions of the site in two thoughtful paragraphs. As often as you can, try to connect your thoughts to discussions held in class. [20%]
PART VII: List the sources you’ve consulted to gather this information in a reference page. Use APA style. [5%]
PART VIII: Think about how you might want to format this dossier beyond the requirements listed below. How would you organize it such that you could easily refer to different aspects of it during the interview? For example, would you have a cover page? A table of contents?
Submit a Word document (NOT A PDF), Times New Roman size 12, 1-inch margins on all sides, SINGLE SPACED. All submissions are due on Blackboard by 11:59 PM on the due date, February 16, 2022. There is no page limit for this assignment. LABEL EACH PART.
Don’t waste space writing your name, class etc. in the main text of the document. You do not need to write your name in the document.
All components of the assignment will be graded on quality of content, quality of writing, completeness, and logical flow.
Formatting penalty: -2 points for each formatting instruction not followed.
Grammar and attributions:
-5 points for a factual sentence with no attempt at attribution.
-½ point for all grammatical errors.
Additional points will not be deducted for the same error repeated in a single sentence.
Quick tips:
Don’t bother writing your name, the class number, my name etc. in the assignment document. Blackboard will tell me who you are.
Vary your in-text citations, and be creative about citing your sources.
Avoid using the same citation format repeatedly. For example, don’t start each sentence with “According to…” etc. Instead, consider varying how you cite with stems such as “In a Forbes article, Jacobs (2017) notes that…” or “Jacobs (2017) explained…” and so on. Again, be creative. When citing the company website, just simply say “….company website…”
For help with APA style, go to…
WRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR OWN WORDS. I cannot stress this enough.
When writing the 10 facts, think about what makes a company interesting.
The point of this assignment is to do research about your company and present in a professional and accessible manner.
If you have a doubt, concern, or question, EMAIL ME. No question is too small for me to answer.