Minimum wage in El Paso

This is your final, big essay, and it follows on directly from the Annotated Bibliography. Now that you’ve done all of your research and submitted a bibliography, it is time to turn all of that work into an actual paper. What is one thing you would change about El Paso?All pertinent guidelines can be found at the end of the Arguing a Position chapter, with some other helpful tips in the orange section of your Norton guide. The final paper should be at least five pages in length, and make a thorough, well-structured argument. You should introduce your problem/issue, bring in some details, and offer a valid solution before summarizing it all succinctly in your conclusion.At the end of your paper, please include a bibliography or Works Cited page with your (minimum) five sources. The Works Cited DOES NOT factor into the assignment length – it is five pages minimum PLUS the bibliography. Provided all of your MLA citations on the AnnBib were excellent, you can actually take a shortcut: just cut-paste the citations but leave out the annotation paragraphs, and you have your Works Cited page right there. Note: Any source mentioned in the essay should appear in the Works Cited page, and vice versa; otherwise, it will not be counted.