MATLAB Assignment

01. Assumeproportional damping with β = 0.001. Plot the rotational displacement (θ) at theright hand end and the angular velocity (  ̇θ) at the right hand end over the specifiedsimulation time range. Use ode45 to compute your solution. Use the mandatory finalexam plotting syntax posted on Canvas, which also includes the exact solution, sothat you may check your results. Background information on the application of FEMto the torsion bar problem is provided in the handout TorsionBarModelFEM.pdfposted on Canvas.NOTES: You may not use any software other than Matlab. You may not use anybuilt-in Matlab functions except the “inv” function. Your Matlab code must use ex-plicit loops and subscripted variables in all calculations, except: (a) in the subroutineyou provide to ‘ode45’ where you may use vector and matrix notation to describe thedifferential equations which you are integrating, (b) in plotting commands, where youmay refer to vector or matrix variables, and (c) in subroutine calls/returns, whereyou may refer to vector or matrix variables. Do not use semicolons.•Plotted results (two plots on one page).