Marina Abramović

Introduce the artwork, and be sure to include all technical information: title, artist, year, material. Put these into sentences. Introduce your idea or analysis.2. First Section (2-3 paragraphs): Historical Context [Note: ALL information MUST be cited. This information should come from a museum, textbook, or other reliable source. ANY information that is not your own ideas MUST be cited.]Who is the artist? What is their background?What is the artwork? Why was it made?3. Second Section (2-3 paragraphs): Visual DescriptionThoroughly describe the object, using art historical terms. Be sure to include a description of its composition, scale, color, line, facture (the visible signs of how it was made). Form: what is the shape of the work? Subjects depicted (for example, a basket of fruit, or a portrait of a political figure)? Composition? Tiered? Pyramidal? Strong diagonals? Symmetrical? Few elements? Busy? Focus on foreground? Scale? How large is the work? How large are its elements? Are some elements or figures larger or smaller than the others to give them emphasis? Colors (vivid, muted, earth tones)? Line (bold, delicate, straight, curved, patterns)? Lighting (natural lighting, gradations of light and shade, stark contrast)? Textures (rugged, smooth, jeweled, inlaid)?This paragraph should be based ENTIRELY on what you individually see – there should be no outside research, except to determine the materials used. The goal is for you to look closely and describe what you see precisely.4. Third Section (3-6 paragraphs): InterpretationIn the last part of your paper, give an interpretation of the work:How specifically does it express ideas of the artist in visual terms? What other ideas do the visual elements and function of the work express to the viewer? What does it ‘say’? What was the meaning of the work at the time it was created? Do you think this work is important culturally and art historically? Why or why not?Draw from the authors and ideas of our class to form an analysis of the work in regards to performance art. 5. Conclusion ParagraphIn this paragraph, draw summary conclusions about the artwork, incorporating the major points of each of the sections above. Avoid grand claims; keep this grounded in the writing you have already done!