M2A1 Intro to Business / Forms of Business

Please share your knowledge to help them build a successful business.Part I: In this section, you will write 2-4 sentences to describe the type of product or service your friend will be providing for their customers and how much geographical area their company will cover (i.e. a town, a region, a state, the US, multinational, the World). Be creative: this is a very flexible assignment designed to allow you to select any type of product or service (industry) in which you have an interest.Part II: Then, in this section, you will help your friend understand the various forms of business by explaining 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each format:a Sole Proprietorship,a Partnership, anda Corporation.Part III: Finally, in this section, you will identify which format your friend should select for their business. Be sure your answer refers to their specific product and or service (industry) and connects to the information you provided in Part II above.