Location: Egyptian Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Brooklyn Museum of Art or Brooklyn museum’s website. Task: Select

Location: Egyptian Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Brooklyn Museum of Art or Brooklyn museum’s website.

Task: Select a work of art that you like. Describe and analyze this piece using the following guidelines.

TEMPLATE: (You must follow this format.)

Title Page must include:

Your name, date, class period and number, Professor’s name and the title of assignment

Original photograph of the object or one from internet

Under this image write the name, date, material, and location of the piece

Introductory Paragraph

The first paragraph is your introductory paragraph. In this paragraph you must place the reader in the context of the assignment’s location, share the purpose for your museum visit, and indicate what you will address precisely.

Introduce the object that you have selected.

Share why you chose this object and perhaps what you were wondering about it from the start.

The second paragraph is where you will share the descriiption of what you observed when you spent time looking at your object. It should include:

A detailed descriiption of your observation

Use of art history vocabulary that you learned in class so far.

Third Paragraph

The third paragraph is where you will analyze the context and meaning of the object. This paragraph should include:

Researched information with source citations. (Brooklyn Museum’s website can be a very informative source for required additional research. You may also look for similar works on other museum’s websites, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art.)

Complete sentences give more information about the art work.

Thoughts about what your research makes you think about regarding the purpose, message or meaning of this object, including connections to what you already knew prior to your research.

Fourth Paragraph

This is your conclusion with which you bring your essay to a close.

In this final paragraph, you are asked to give your overall reflection on this field trip experience within the context of the assignment in the Brooklyn museum of art.

Share your final thoughts about the purpose, message, or meaning of this object and any wonderings that you still have or things that you would still like to know or research.


No grade will be given to a student who copies information from a book or website (No Copy/Paste).

Using the museum website, books and any other resources are encouraged just make sure to include the proper citation at the end of the assignment.

Your object must be from Ancient Egypt, not modern Egypt nor any other culture.

Assignment #1 should be at least two full pages and no more than three pages doubled spaced typed text.

Use spell and grammar check before submitting your assignment through blackboard.

Check the Rubric below for the grading criteria.


Proficient 100%

Competent 60%

Novice 25%


Weight 20%

It is free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. All words have correct spelling and capitalization.

Well-developed new ideas that are relevant to the topic.

The question’s context and background is thoroughly explained. Resources and examples are included to help others learn more about the topic/question.

Developing ideas, but the essay is not very clear in reasoning or logic.

Discussion question/topic is defined. But there are some uncertainties and ambiguities.

The question’s context and background is only briefly mentioned or no resources included.

Discussion question/topic is not clearly defined. No information about the question’s context and background. No resources are included.

Proper Citation

Weight 20%

All sources and pictures are cited.

MLA Citations are formatted correctly

Most sources and pictures are cited.

MLA Citations are not formatted correctly

Some sources and pictures are cited.

MLA Citations are not formatted correctly