Literary Analysis Paper

Focusing on the character of Heracles, compare the passage about Heracles in the Odyssey (Book 11: lines 776-811) to Heracles’ speech in lines 561-583 of Euripides’ Heracles. Using these passages, answer the following questions:1) Compare the structure of epic poetry (Homer) versus that of tragedy (Euripides). How and why are they different?2) Compare the idea of the ‘hero’ in these passages.3) Compare Heracles’ ‘heroism’ as described by your secondary readings (i.e. Prof. Nagy’s ‘Epic Hero’ and Head’s “Hercules: the Spiritual Emphasis in Euripides). Prof. Nagy locates Heracles’ heroism in his ‘unseasonality’, meaning his inability to do anything at the ‘right’ time, whether it was being born, getting married, having a family, or performing his labors. On the other hand, G. Head believes Heracles’ heroism is in his extraordinary suffering. Which aspect of the myth of Heracles do you think would resonate more with the Greek audiences viewing Euripides’ Heracles?Cite passages from the primary sources that you have read to support your argument. [N.B. quotes do not count towards the 800-word minimum].DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OR READINGS OTHER THAN THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED IN THIS CLASS.