Letter to the police chief

The chief of police will need to understand your unique reason. If your reason is fear to your family or property, you need to explain that reason.Reasons : TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AND PROPERTY Facts that testify the stability of characterThe police chief will want to make sure that he is not issuing the license to carry to a reckless person. As a result of this, a lot of time is spent looking at the criminal record of an applicant. If you have ever been committed in an institution for mental health or drug/alcohol abuse, you will need to attach an affidavit from your doctor which states the condition doesn’t affect you. The Massachusetts law states that no person with mental instability should be issued the gun license.  I HAVE NO MENTAL INSTABILITY ISSUESOR ANY RECORDS OF ANY KIND. RECORDS ARE CLEAN When writing the letter, you need to envision the kind of character that will be necessary. You will also need to state how long you have lived in the city or town and how long you have lived without an incident with the law.  : I HAVE LIVED IN MY CITY FOR  14 YEARS WITHOUT ANY INCIDENTS  Experience handling firearmsYou will be required to complete a Massachusetts gun safety course before submitting an application for an LTC Ma. To attest to your experience handling firearms, you must provide information on where you completed gun safety courses Ma and the certificate you received. The letter must address your ability to handle firearms. Give details on the training you had or intend to take. If you have participated in firearm competitions, mention that. I HAVE COMPLETED A BASIC LTC FIREARMS COURSE AND HAVE PROPERLY LEARNED HOW TO USE AND HANDLE A GUN SAFELY.