law enforcement

Then, you are asked to research a specific solution/ improvement to that issue. You’ll need to mention the problem and solution in your thesis claim. Additionally, students must have a counterargument that is supported by credible sources. In your paper, you must answer the following questions:What is the selected profession?What is the specific (just pick one) issue that affects this profession?Why should society care about this issue? How will it directly or indirectly affect them?What is a possible solution/ improvement to this problem?How will this solution improve how your profession operates?How could this solution be achieved?Additionally, you want to mention the strengths and at least one weakness of your argument. Required components for your rough and  final drafts:Your paper must be written in the third person. (Links to an external site.)Your paper must be between five and six pages (with a minimum of 6 body paragraphs, NOT including your works cited page.You must have the following minimum sources to support your thesis (You may always use more). Two journal articles (Please use the Middlesex database or Google Scholar)Two magazine articleOne credible website One video, podcast, or filmYour paper must be formatted and cited in MLA 9th edition.