Journal Article Critique

Who were the participants in the sample?a. How many people were in the study? What was the gender composition? The ages? The race/ethnicities?b. Where were they recruited from? (Give me the precise location)2. What research question(s) did the authors state they were going to address?3. What were the researchers’ hypotheses?4. What were the dependent and independent variables? (State these clearly!)5. What type of research was this? (For example: correlational? experimental? Longitudinal? Qualitative interviews or focus groups?)6. Tell me about the study. How was the study conducted? (For example: Did the use surveys? Talk to people? Look at old records? Take samples or health data from people in a clinical setting?)7. What did the author discover? Describe the results in your own words and tell me whether the hypothesis was confirmed, revised, or rejected?8. How can people from a discipline outside of psychology apply this information to their work? (Think of examples from the class: economy, philosophy, health communication, or perhaps one of your own).9. What are the implications of the study? Explain why this information is important. Who is it important to and why? Do this by relating it to what we’ve discussed in class over the course of the semester (films, readings, comprehension questions).a. Tell me how your article relates to issues of race, power, white supremacy, conflict theory, policies, social psychology, health, and justice.10. Suggest TWO research questions related to this topic and population.a. Then, generate ONE hypothesis statement (based on one of your research questions. Your hypothesis statement should start with “If……., then…….” Part 2: (Personal Reaction) Answer the following questions in your own words:1. Explain to me why you were interested in the article and why you choose the illness/racial group.2. Tell me one thing you liked and one thing you disliked about the article.3. Tell me one thing you did not understand.4. What would you do differently if it were your research project? (I mean in terms of the research methods)5. Describe the limitations of this study.  Tell me what elements of “real life” might be missing from the study.6. What aspects of the research demonstrated their beliefs about race as a concept? In your own opinion, did the authors demonstrate having a biological and/or social view of race? Explain why you think this. ** Remember, that ANY view of race divides people in to two or more groups; and then assumes that people within one group are more like one another than they are to members of another group. Those with a social view think that members of the same group are similar because the idea of race was made to organize people and determine who has power. People with a biological view think that members of the same race are biologically similar to one another and biologically dissimilar to other racial groups.  For #6, tell me which view the author had and how this was evident in their assumptions about the people in their study.