Interventions to Address Obesity

Submission FormatStep 1 – First, read Chapter 8.  There are excellent resources you’ll need to figure out what the current rates of obesity are in your population.Step 2 –  Next, chose one of the following populations:Preschoolers (2-5)Children (5-12)AdolescentsAdultsStep 3 Answer the following questions:1. What are the rates of overweight/obesity in your population?  Are any racial/ethnic groups more affected? Cite where you got this information.2. The textbook has a great image describing risk factors for obesity (Determinants of obesity – slide 14).  Describe three of the risk factors for your population, each from a different area in the image.3. Find an intervention that addresses overweight/obesity in your population.  Describe it.  Is there research to support its success? (hint – go on the library website to find an intervention)4. Describe at least 1 public policy options that could be adopted to address the issue (Slide 26)Upload a .doc or .docx file for this assignment.