Internship Paper 3

Some limitations you can use is credentialing. Each hospital requires a set of vaccines and credentialing in order to enter the operating room. Project goals of mine are to make commissions in order to increase my pay over the base salary given. You can basically just use generic business sales goals and communication with surgeons and doctors to set up meetings and such. My personal experience is that i am enjoying this new career and look to grow with networking and more knowledge on operating room culture as well as sales goals. -This final written assignment will be due NOVEMBER 7, 2022. Copies will be given to both preceptor and professor for evaluation. In this report you should identify the project goals and objectives that were attempted, what resulted from your decisions, clarify any limitations, discuss personal impressions, and include recommendations related to the project. Include data in tables, figures, charts or a matrix. Also, include any written research instruments that you have developed or used, such as surveys, questionnaires, interview schedules, observational procedures to name a few. Writing skills will be evaluated as well. The scoring range for this assignment is as follow:-