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X – Organizational Behaviour (2021/2022 Spring Term (1213)) (004) Time left 0:36:59 Al Forgie is the Vice President of Finance at ALCO Inc. Al has fought his way to the top through hard work and perseverance. He is well known for his close watch on every departments’ budget, and he tightly enforces budget guidelines. If a department does not achieve their budget requirements, they will surely hear from Al, who usually recommends an immediate staff reduction (as in firing/dismissal). REQUIRED (4 marks) 1. Other than legitimate power, identify another base of power Al holds with ALCO Ltd. and support your answer. Then, identify and describe a power tactic that Ralph can use to use his power base as indicated. Power Base: Support: 2. Identify and describe a power tactic that Al is likely to utilize with the power base you identified above. Be specific. Power Tactic: Support: 7 A BIG S
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