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QUES… Show more… Show moreA three-phase, transposed, 60 Hz, 735 kV line, 275 km long, supplies a load
1000 MW three-phase SR with a power factor of 0.90 lagging at a voltage of 1.0 pu.
The three-phase line has a resistance of 0.03W /km, a reactance of 0.33W /km, and a
susceptance of 4.7mS/km. The load is compensated using 3275W shunt reactors.
a) The ABCD parameters of the line.
b) The voltage VS at the source (module and angle) in kV and in pu.
c) The active power “PS” supplied by the source in MW.
d) The reactive power “QS” supplied by the source in MVar.
e) The reactive power consumed by the shunt reactor in MVar.
f) Losses in the line.