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A new toy is being developed and you are charged with analyzing the market and setting the selling price at stores! Question 1 (1 point) For the toy, market research found that at a selling price of $30, 1000 units will be sold, and at a selling price of $50, 600 units will be sold. Determine an equation for the number of units sold, N, based on the selling price, p. ON(P) = 1600 – 20p ON(p) – 400 80p ON(p) – 400 20p ON(P) – 1600 – 80p Question 2 (1 point) For the toy, it will cost $10.000 to develop manufacturing methods and start production. After that, it will cost $5.75 to make each toy. Determine an equation for the cost, C, based on the number of toys sold, N(p) CIN(p)] – (5.75).[N(p)] / 10,000 O CIN(p)] = 10,000 (5.75)