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_l Part B Sarah is an Australian residentfor tax purposes. She has assessable income of $400,000, deductions of $200,000 and franking credit tax offsets of $30,000. What is Sarah’s tax payable for the 2021-2022 income year? 5 marks Click or tap hereto enter text. Part (2 Bob is an employee of ABC Pty. Ltd, a regional train line. He recently purchased a laptop computer costing $2,200 at a local HiFI store. Bob often works from home completing administration tasks for ABC and he plans to use the computer at home when he undertakes such work. Bob will aiso use the computer when he completes his logistics administration studies at a local university. Required: Advise Bob as to what input tax credits, if any, are available in respect of the laptop computer. Please provide your reasoning 5 marks Click or tap here to enter text.
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