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642 105#F/skip/4 Su Homework 08 (Linear Regression) Score: 0/4 0/4 answered Question 4 Many people believe that gender, weight, drinking habits, and many other factors are much more important in predicting blood alcohol content (BAC) than simply considering the number of drinks a person consumed. Here we examine data from 16 student volunteers at Ohio State University who each drank a randomly assigned number of cans of beer. These students were evenly divided between men and women, and they differed in weight and drinking habits. Find the 95% Confidence Interval for the coefficient. (a) The degrees of freedom is (b) so for a 95% confidence interval, the t value we want is (c) from the table we see the SE is (d) So the 95% confidence interval (to 4 decimal places) is Estimate Std. Error t value p-value (Intercept) -0.0127 0.0126 -1 0.332 beers 0.0178 0.0024 7.48 0 Submit Question
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