I would like the answers like a essay. 500 words .

Question: I would like the answers like a essay. 500 words .See the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loadingI would like the answers like a essay. 500 words .Show transcribed image textANSWER:- Buber’s notion of love as important to the business because it helps to build trust, confidence, and a relationship with the customers, which enhances profit. Companies are responsible for nurturing, caring, and providing justice for their c…View the full answerTranscribed image text: 回国雪 18 Grades People Pages Files Syllabus Outcomes Modules Pipe here to search ETHICS ACROSS TIME AND CULTURES “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” 2 page answer –500 words Philosopher and historian Martin Buber (1878-1965) taught that love is not a feeling but a responsibility of one person for another. Feelings may come and go, but the solidarity that people have with each other and the care they take with one another define them as human beings (Figure 5.0). Thus, love, as a responsibility. depends on relationships based on good faith and concern. Business, too, is about relationships. Without a relationship of trust, there can be no exchange of goods or services upon which economies are built. Many people question the place of love in a business setting. When seen from Buber’s perspective, however, love is not an idyllic feeling but a driving force for justice and care. This does not deny the need for profit and financial success. It simply emphasizes the other side of the twofold purpose of business (profit and beyond productivity (50 responsibility). In fact, John Mackey; the founder of Whole Foods, has said that love has been the basis of his success in business, which translates into care and collcern for customers beyond profit and for workers ZPC → Type here to search THE 1900 Figure 5.8 If there is anything that transcends time, place, and culture, it is love. The search for a universally applied set of ethics always comes back to it. But what does love look like in a business setting? (credit: “Love Is All You Need Signage” by Jacqueline Smith/Pexels, CCO) Recall the statement by IBM quoted earlier in the chapter: “IBM] remain(s) dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future: to creating a world that is fairer, more diverse, more tolerant, more just. Critical Thinking Answer the questions below: Can Martin Buber’s notion of love play a role in business? What would that look like? • What responsibilities do companies have regarding justice and care? Should business ethics be grounded only on more concrete tenets? Why or why not? B 29°C hp 60