hypothesis testing

Discuss probability. What is its history? What is the theory of probability? How is it calculated? What arethe advantages and disadvantages of using this technique?1. Identify and discuss the two major categories of probability interpretations, whose adherents possessconflicting views about the fundamental nature of probability.2. Based on this survey, what is the probability that a randomly selected American adult has never beentested? Show your work. Hint: using the data in the two total rows, this would be calculated as p (NT)/(P (NT) p (T), where p is probability.3. What proportion of 18- to 44-year-old Americans have never been tested for HIV? Hint: using thevalues in the 18-44 cells, this would be calculated as p (NT) / (p (NT) p (T)), where p is probability.Show your work.Submit your (2 pages).