HR case study

For your information.Task #1 (Email Drafting ) :- Requesting to arrange a meeting at the Saudi PIF’s office with one of our U.S.A partners.- Confirming a meeting, and sharing a dial in /video conferencing details.- An email to the Head of Division which includes a full business trip itinerary (multiple cities and countries).- An escalation email for a delay to the project management stating the cause, responsible department, and how to resolve.Task #2 (Document Designing):- Division task management sheet on excel to assign team members and tracking progress.- Brief morning document for the Head of Division that includes his daily/weekly schedule.- Workflow explaining the ideal procurement process and departments involved with you raising the PR.- Design a minutes of meeting for an internal committee. This should be in a way of which you’ll keep track of all the follow ups and requests.Requirements: – Build the content and design from scratch (do not use ready templets).- Avoid submitting documents in PDF format.- Design the documents based on your preference.