How do you know who you are

The midterm asked y’all to tell me who you are given the requirements of personal identity.  For the final, I want you to tell me how you *know* who you are.  How do you know you’re not a brian in a vat?  How do you know you’re not stuck in another’s body (i.e. – like the movies Get Out or The Black Box)?  How do you know you’re not stuck in a simulation like the Matrix?  You’ve given me who you are, now I want you to argue that you know you are you. RequirementsWord length is between 1300-1700 words not including works cited or overly lengthy quotationsBe sure to touch on at least 5 of the readings we have covered thus far in class and at least one of the movies we have watchedYou are required to come up with 1 Gettier style thought experiment of your own to demonstrate how you know who you areDo *NOT* just give me sensory evidence of how you know, because as we’ve seen from Putnam, Gettier, Descartes, and the Matrix sensory evidence is not sufficient.  You are making an argument that you *know* who you are.  Be sure to have a conclusion that stipulates the criteria for a person to obtain knowledge given that they are conscious beings.  Helpful SuggestionsThink back on the questions you raised in Perusall and during class.  These are helpful to articulate how they apply to you as a person.Thought experiments can take multiple forms – don’t be afraid to get creative!  We have seen several different styles of arguments, so again, don’t be afraid to deviate from the standard form (intro, point 1, point 2, point 3, conclusion).  If you are stuck or have any questions, please come and see me.