Has the use of social media during the pandemic lockdown been the principal cause of

).- Literature review: A literature review is a survey of a body of work related to a specific topic, which is delimited by the research question. The literature review analyzes the available scientific literature as a whole to present a detailed overview of what has been raised in a relevant way by the scientific community about a given topic: ideas, theories, concepts, data collected during studies and scientific research findings, statistics.TEXT STRUCTUREINTRODUCTION Bring up the topic with an interesting fact  Avoid irrelevant generalitiesp. ex. Since the beginning of time… Over time… Nowadays… In every era… Since the world was a world… Since the dawn of humanity… It is well-known that… Subject matter Research Question Indicate the structure of the textBODY OF TEXT Isolation of two themes found in the chosen literature on the topic (1 subtitle per theme) What is known in the articles you have chosen? How are the findings, data and/or methodologies presented in each of the articles/works similar or different? Why or why not? Overall, what does the literature tell you about a given theme? IF there is a need to include a definition for a concept I would not understand otherwise, itmust be included within a theme. A definition cannot constitute a theme in of itself. You must reformulate and synthesize the information you find in your chosen scientificarticles. Use critical thinking skills to make thought-provoking connections or comparisons.  Each theme must be divided into multiple paragraphs. 1 concept = 1 paragraph Divideyourthemesinsubthemes. p. ex. 1. Effects of Facebook Use1.1 Effects on Self-Esteen1.2 Effects on Interpersonal RelationshipsCONCLUSION Summary Whatarethehighlightsorkeyfactsyouhavefoundinthechosenscientificliterature?Write a comprehensive summary of both your themes. Howdothesefactshelpyouansweryourresearchquestion?Answeryourresearchquestion. Opening Propose two research opportunities that fill the data gaps, information you found lackingin the literature.REFERENCES In text → (Author, Year of Publication)≠ Many have said….Some authors state… It is known that…EXEMPLES DE RÉFÉRENCES DANS LE TEXTE Age is a key variable in determining the dynamics of sociability (Forsé, 2008) […] a majority of effects observed are linked to age (Chambord, 2014) […] Smith and Faulkner (2017) showed that […] Brown, Lemaire et Cartier (1998) estimate […] Conversely, other authors (Brown, Lemaire et Cartier, 1998) arguent that […] […] have criticized the methodology used by Raymond et al. (2015). A variety of studies (Pigou, 1920; Meade, 1952; Rallet et Rochelandet, 2011; Coutant,2012; Raymond et al. 2015) suggest that […] In the Bibliography → Follow the MLA model as proposed by the College’s Guide to AcademicWriting.REQUIREMENTS 6 to 8 pages of double-spaced content excluding the title page, the table of contents, and the bibliography. Withstanding the prior requirements, your literature review must follow the Guide to Academic Writing. Body of Text → 2 principal themes Every reformulation, affirmation, citation, data, statistic or idea that dfoes not come from youmust be referenced in the text as well as in the bibliography. Your literature review must contain a minimum of 8 scientific sources of information. At least 4 different sources per theme from different authors