Habits of the creative mind reflection

Miller and Ann Jurecic identify in their book Habits of the Creative Mind is reflectiveness. For our last Major Essay Project of the semester, we will further cultivate this habit of mind by reflecting on our experiences with writing and reading in our class this semester. What ideas from Habits of the Creative Mind resonated most with you, and why? How did you implement these various concepts, strategies, and habits of mind into your own writing? What concepts and strategies from our various Major Essay Projects did you find most beneficial for your writing? What challenges did you face while composing these essays, and how did you try to overcome them? What strengths did you develop over the course of this semester? What are some areas that you need to develop further as you continue your journey as a writer, reader, and critical thinker?To address these questions effectively, be sure to include specific details and quotations from at least four (4) of Miller and Jurecic’s short essays in Habits of the Creative Mind and from your own writing from this semester. (This does not mean that you should have only four quotations; it means that you should quote from at least four short essays from the book.)