george And Aida Have Five Children. They Are Interested In A Permanent Essay Help Free

George and Aida have five children. They are interested in a permanent method of birth control and are trying to decide between George having a vasectomy and Aida having a tubal ligation.
You know that vasectomy has less risk of complication than tubal ligation and it is also cheaper, yet in Australia 35% of women over 40 have had a tubal ligation and only 10% of men of the same age group have had a vasectomy.
You wonder why tubal ligations are less common than vasectomies and decide to conduct a study to investigate further.
Describe the study you would undertake considering the following questions:
a) Who would you study?b) What kind of study would you conduct? c) What data would you collect? d) How would you collect this data?