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From the A good man is hard to find Flannery O’Connor find 15 Vocabulary Jornal

Arum N -A perennial plant that grows from tubers and has arrow-shaped leaves.Harriet noticed the arum, which was in the center of lilies, daffodils, and carnations.
Diffuse V – Spread throughout a wide area. Scatter or become scattered.The sudden gust of wind diffused the stack of papers on his desk such that they resembled a snowfall.
Hoicks N – A shout made during hunting that urges the dogs to move along faster.The barking, hoicks, and rustling flora created a cacophony of confusion in an otherwise quiet forest.
Nirvana N – The attainment of enlightenment and freeing of the spiritual self from attachment to worldly things; an ultimate experience of some pleasurable experience.
Before his body died, Buddha experienced Nirvana and urged his followers to free themselves as well.