Frank Lloyd Wright–Roles of an Artist–Dropbox Five

Read in your textbook, “Gateways to Art” about “Falling Water” a house by the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright; and the Teacher-Made handout, “Possible Roles of an Artist” (i.e., To Record/Document; To Express, To Persuade; and/or To add Beauty to Function).

Using standard English, post 400 words (minimum) to make your “argument” (remember, every strong argument has at least two components: a “claim(s)” and “evidence” (or grounds to support the claim(s) about Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, “Falling Water.”

In your paper, describe the ROLE of Wright who created this work [HINT: remember, artists can have one role or a combination of roles].

Decide if you think he was trying to: a. RECORD or DOCUMENT for the sake of our memory [HINT: portraits are good examples of this and are typically representational or realistic]; b. PERSUADE us to look at the world in a new way, from a different point of view [HINT: these works are often abstract and may contain dynamic tension]; c. add BEAUTY TO FUNCTION [HINT: these works make useful items such as furniture or clothes or buildings look good]; and/or d. EXPRESS invisible feelings, ideas, or states of mind [HINT: these people give form (symbols) to things we can’t see]. Don’t forget to back up your claim(s) with evidence that you see in the artwork, read in your textbook, or research in the library.!1s0x883533f74d79e731:0x6e162bd3790a9ab8!3m1!7e115!4s//!5sfalling water – Google Search!15sCgIgAQ