For this assignment, a reaction post provides a snapshot of your critical thinking about the theories, concepts, and related

For this assignment, a reaction post provides a snapshot of your critical thinking about the theories, concepts, and related research presented in the course readings.

A snapshot is brief! You will earn 15 points for each snapshot of more than 75 words. You should not exceed 100 words. If you write less than 75 words, or exceed 125 words, you may lose points.

Below is a list of ideas for what your post should accomplish. The sentence frame following each idea provides guidance on how you might structure your post in order to reveal your critical thinking in a condensed fashion. You are NOT required to use the frames. And even if you use the frame, you are welcome to adapt or expand upon it. You may even decide that you have a better idea for demonstrating your critical thinking about what you are learning than the ideas listed below. As long as your post is between 75 and 100 words and thoughtfully reflects on something specific to the course readings, you will earn 15 points.


Provide insight to your thinking about the concepts/research by making a personal connection.
The reading(s) about __________ reminded me of a time in my life when ______________.
List the strengths and weaknesses of a given theory.
The theory __________________ is strong because ________________ but is weak because __________________.
Present reasoned counterarguments to a theory or study presented in the readings.
The theory/study about ______________ suggests ______________, and my counterarguments are _________________.
Connect a reading to a contemporary research study (within the last 3 years) found through the library (please cite appropriately).
A recent study by [authors (year)] found that ____________________, which connects to ______________ because ________________.
Present an idea for furthering the research on a specific concept.
To further understanding about _____________, I propose a research study that answers the question ___________________. I would study people who __[characteristics] _______ by having them _______________.
Pose unique question(s) about a theory, concept, or research findings.
After reading about ______________, I still wonder about ….

Creating your Post
Here are some tips:
Keep your post informal.
Using “I” language is okay; avoid being overly formal.
Single spacing is fine, too.
You should cite when referring to specific research, but you only need to provide a reference when connecting course readings to readings from outside the class. [Note: Citations and references are not included in the word count.]
Avoid using direct quotations. It’s important that you can articulate social psychological ideas using your own words.
HIGHLIGHT key terms for concepts and theories within your post.
Be specific. Use specific terminology and provide an example if needed to clarify your thinking.

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