FINAL PROJECT PR PLAN – Kim Kardashian for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security

Focus – identify an area of concern or opportunity that needs your public relations. This is my topic Kim Kardashian Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security – Develop a PR plan that addresses employee, community, investor/donor ormedia relations; for a public issue, an opportunity or a crisis.During your presentation, you should provide additional details andinformation on your public relations campaign, i.e., rationale for yourcampaign topic, the goal, publics, objectives, strategies, tactics,implementation, timeline and evaluation.b. Make a presentation (maximum 10 minutes) in front of a panel of judgesand the class.  The judges will ask questions after your presentation.i. to ensure that you have thoroughly researched your topic,ii. followed RPIE-research, planning, implementation, and evaluationiii. comprehend the elements of developing and executing apublic relations campaign.iv. Be prepared. Referring to and using the RPIE handout iscrucial to your plan’s success.c. Include traditional and social media in your public relations plan activities and defend your media choices and tactics as the best approach to reach that audience and why.After the presentation create a one page COVER LETTER thanking for opportunity to present your ideas, states why youthink this is the best/most effective strategy to accomplish the goal, and willingness to work with them to implement your ideas.I am attaching two students(they are fake names) successful projects in the past to use for help. Please use them to help create powerpoint and cover letter. I AM ALSO UPLOADING THE CLIENT PROPOSAL FORM I MADE AS ANOTHER REFERENCE