Final Assessment

For this assignment, you will choose two of these civilizations to compare.Instructions:  • Choose one civilization from List A and one civilization from list B below. Please do not choose a civilization that you included in your Unit 5 Assignment. o List A: ▪ Mayans ▪ Incans ▪ Aztecs ▪ France (800-1400) ▪ England (800-1400) o List B ▪ China (800-1400) ▪ Japan (800-1400) ▪ The Mongols ▪ Renaissance Italy • Answer the following questions about each civilization: o Who rules the civilization? How are the leaders chosen, and what powers do those leaders have? o What did people in the civilization believe? Did they worship one god or many gods? Did they try to impose their religion on other groups, or did they tolerate the multiplicity of beliefs? o How was the civilization’s society organized? Did religion play a role in defining a person’s role? Was it possible to change your position in society? • To answer the questions above, return to the textbook and review the relevant sections.  o In addition to your textbook, you should use at least two outside resources. • In your conclusion (approximately three paragraphs), compare and contrast the two civilizations based on the features that you have described. Include your opinion on why those differences arose.Use both your textbook and at least two . outside resources for your research ( or are a good place to start) APA formatting to cite your resources.Text Book: Adler, P.J.