Explanation of an internship

Include a brief description of your internship – who you worked for, what you did and why you accepted the opportunityReflect on the meaning of your internship for your intellectual development and career planning. Consider the following questions as you write (but don’t just respond to each one; they’re just meant to spur your thinking):In what ways did I meet my learning objectives? In what ways did I fall short? How can I interpret these successes and failures?What new insights did I gain into the practices and problems in advertising?What contributions did I make to my organization?What classroom experiences prepared me well for my internship? How?What were the best aspects of my experience? What were the worst?How has this experience shaped my future career goals?Be free of grammatical and spelling errorsBe well-organizedBelow I will attach information of what I did for the job. In the file below I will attach how I felt about the job. Please don’t go off course from the information I have given you. Thank you!—internship was in person all summer and transitioned to virtual in the fall–worked this fall on marketing for the SALT conference including email, social and dealing with clients–Researched, analyzed, and compiled investment reports for 20 blockchain protocols, presenting findings in weekly investment team meetings–Worked in teams of two to create a digital economy and crypto-innovation-focused ETF, performing fundamental analysis on 30 equities, culminating in a presentation detailing our fund’s allocation strategy and high-conviction weightings to firm partners.–Edited 35 pages of firm founder’s new book detailing blockchain protocol Algorand, providing grammatical and content-based revisionsI HAVE ATTACHED MY VIEWS IN THE COMPANY AS A WHOLE IN THE FILE BELOW.