Evaluation of the interpretation of a poem

In this case, you will examine a critical evaluation of it. These can be found on-line; the following links are to a couple of examples but you do not have to select one of them if you find another analysis of a different poem to examine.The Harlem Dancer Poem Summary and Analysis https://www.litcharts.com/poetry/claude-mckay/the-harlem-dancerOnce you select the evaluation you plan to evaluate, you will need to examine it and reach a judgment of its quality; this judgment will serve as the thesis for this piece.  In the process of creating this particular piece, you will need to consider the following steps:Read and analyze the interpretation provided in the piece. Assess the interpretation.  Is it fair and plausible or is it inaccurate and improbable?  Does it provide insight into the piece?  Is it well supported?  If there are problems with the interpretation, where are they and how might they be fixed?  This may include assessing if it is influenced by a particular theoretical standpoint.Decide on your evaluation or judgment of the interpretation and examine it for specific reasoning to support that judgment.