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  • an open question, I will provide the full question in instruction, please use any knowledge in M essay writing service
    Your company is contemplating launching a corporate venture fund to invest in startups pioneering novel technologies. Your boss (a member of the senior management team) does not like the idea, and has asked you to give her three arguments she can use to persuade the CEO not to proceed. What would those arguments be? (max. 200 words)[supanova_question]

    Overview Companies choose their costing method based on their business activities and processes, as well as the products and services Essay Geology homework help

    Overview Companies choose their costing method based on their business activities and processes, as well as the products and services they offer. A company can be a manufacturing, merchandising, or service organization; this also impacts which costing method will be most useful for its purposes. As a part of costing, the company also needs to decide how to classify overhead costs using either traditional or activity-based costing (ABC). In this written assignment, you will choose a company, consider its business and costing requirements, and recommend a costing system that will work best for the business. Prompt Think about a company you know. This could be a current or past employer or a company you admire. Consider its business activities and the type of products and services offered. Based on what you have learned so far, write a short paper that reflects on the different costing methods and speculates on how they might apply to your selected company. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: Company Overview: Identify the company you selected and provide a brief overview of its business. Is it a manufacturing, merchandising, or service organization? Costing Methods: Compare the job order and process costing methods, and explain how each of these can be applied to the company. How could the costs differ if one method is chosen over the other? Factory Overhead: Outline possible indirect or overhead costs the company may need to account for, and identify the type of costing the company might use for these costs. If the company decides to use activity-based costing (ABC), what are some activity bases (cost drivers) it might use to allocate these costs? Recommendation: Based on your analysis, recommend a costing method for the company, and explain why you think this method will work best for the business. Guidelines for Submission Submit your assignment as a 2- to 4-page Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.[supanova_question]

    Assignment (Module 06: Team Leadership: Leadership and Decision Making). Team leadership involves monitoring a team to help individuals achieve goals and to enhance performance. Please refer to the image below from Northouse (2022, pp. 464). Education assignment help

    Business Assignment Help Jamal works for a technology firm in the KSA. He has been assigned as the team leader of a group of five engineers, from different countries, responsible for creating new phone technology. This organization favors the team leadership approach and has given Jamal the responsibility to monitor and act as needed, to ensure the team is effectively performing. During the first week of work, Jamal evaluates the overall situation in relation to the team’s needs and he discovers that the team is not focusing on the goals, there is a conflict between three of the engineers due to communication issues, and there is not enough sharing of information among several of the engineers due to professional competition and a fear of being left behind. ——————— Thinking about the above situation, please answer the following: 1) Explain what the team leadership approach is and how it impacts the decision-making process. 2) Identify the current issues Jamal is encountering. Explain the best way to address these issues based on the team leadership approach. 3) Determine how a country’s culture and the culture of each team member impacts the team leadership approach. 4) If you were Jamal, what team model would you use to make the team more successful? Explain why you selected this team model. ———————- the well-written paper should meet the following requirements: 1) Be 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced), which does not include the title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements. 2) Use Academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. 3) Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least three current, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Current articles are those published in the last five years. ———————– Finally, You will also have an introduction, headings for every Q, and conclusion. CITE, CITE, CITE in-text any information taken from a resource. Use 3 Peer Reviewed Journal articles in the last 5 years (2018 – 2022). All the requirements are important, the assignment should be without any grammatical errors, in APA style, use heading, and no plagiarism. It has to be in your own world, please. USE THE TEMPLATE, it is important.[supanova_question]

    Globalization and Barriers to Worldwide Sourcing: Microsoft PowerPoint Assignment Academic

    The reading assignment describes various types of barriers to worldwide sourcing, as illustrated in Exhibit 10.4 of the text. Using the table that follows, find the barrier that corresponds to your last name.
    LAST NAME TOPIC: Increased Supply Risk
    Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation containing the following information for the assigned approach:

    A title slide with your name, course number, type of barrier, and date.
    One slide with a brief description of one barrier to worldwide sourcing.
    One slide with a brief summary of this sourcing barrier that is supported by an example found in the textbook or additional readings.
    One slide with your sources of data in APA format.
    Slides 2 and 3 will use bullet points and contain speaker notes to further elaborate on the bullets. Attach your agenda to the discussion forum as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.[supanova_question]
  • As governments and political leaders respond to economic and political changes, they create incentives for companies to do business within Statistics homework help
    As governments and political leaders respond to economic and political changes, they create incentives for companies to do business within their market and restrictions for certain businesses that could be harmful to the domestic market. In this discussion, you will explore how these incentives and restrictions have influenced and can continue to influence trade and the impact of government interventions on business. First, read the following articles: In your initial post, address the following as part of your response: Provide an example of government economic intervention designed to influence, regulate, or control trade for a specific industry from one of the articles and summarize the government’s reasons for the interventions. Identify which parties and organizations were or will be impacted by the government intervention, including any impacts on the price of commodities. Briefly summarize key pieces of information a business in the industry from your example needs to know to fully understand how the intervention will affect its business. In your responses to two or more of your peers, use these questions to your peer’s post to guide your responses: How can a business take advantage of the government interventions identified by your peer? Did the government accomplish its goals for the economic interventions? What were unintended consequences of the government intervention? Did they lead to additional government interventions? All countries use government economic interventions. What arguments do countries that support free trade make to justify their economic interventions? What is the WTO’s role in promoting global free trade and ruling on the fairness of tariffs? Overview Your active participation in the discussions is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions will help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts of the course. These discussions give you a chance to express your own thoughts, ask questions, and gain insight from your peers and instructor. Directions For each discussion, you must create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts. For your initial post, do the following: Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs. In Module One, complete your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. In Modules Two through Eight, complete your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone. Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.[supanova_question]

    Unit 8 professionalism in workplace American Literature online class help

    For your final assignment in this course, you will create a PowerPoint presentation describing ways to prepare for a job interview. Please address the following topics:
    Describe ways to prepare for an interview.
    List three different types of interview questions and tips for answering them.
    Describe ways to close the interview.
    Explain how to follow up after the interview.
    Conclude your presentation with any additional recommendations you can give someone who is just starting their job search.
    Your complete PowerPoint presentation must be at least eight slides in length, this does not include the title slide and reference slide. Notes are not required for this assignment. You must use at least two outside sources, one of which must be from the CSU Online Library. Please use in-text citations in the body of your slides and do not place them in the notes section. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.
    If you would like tips on creating a strong PowerPoint presentation, view the Success Center’s PowerPoint Basics Tutorial .[supanova_question]

    This week we will create a scenario and use a Risk Register to document the risk assessment process. Risk registers

    Business Assignment Help This week we will create a scenario and use a Risk Register to document the risk assessment process. Risk registers are a way to organize risks into a list and analyze them. Risk categories can reference internal or external categories, with PESTEL being an example of external risks. First, let us establish context to your scenario. You work for a local non-profit organization whose mission involves supporting child development through reading programs, mentorship, and after school activities for public elementary school students. An idea has been proposed to be a “middle man” to improve the quality of school lunches. The program would pilot in one school initially, then gradually expand to all elementary schools in the district. The board of directors is conflicted and cannot come to a consensus about whether this program should be pursued. You are to perform a risk assessment on the creation of this lunch program to guide their decision of whether to support this plan or not. Establish your narrative and describe the assumptions you have about this project from the given details. You have creative control of its limits (but be realistic!). Tell us where you are based and the state of the nonprofit. Create a SWOT analysis for your organization and its ability to support the program. Consider the nonprofits past successes or challenges and reasons to pursue the lunch program or obstacles that would prevent its success. Start a risk register and describe at least 2 internal risks and analyze them. What are the risk ratings? You do not need to fill out the risk response or controls yet. Provide information to elaborate on your ideas. Why did you select those risks and rate them the way you did? What data informed your opinion? How did the SWOT analysis inform your risk register? Please copy tables directly into your post. You may adjust the final formatting by using the resizing squares on the table and right-clicking on your table and selecting Table Properties.[supanova_question]

    there are 2 short assignments create 2 separate excel spreads for the data 1. The Lazer Company has a

    there are 2 short assignments create 2 separate excel spreads for the data

    1. The Lazer Company has a contract to produce a part for Boeing Corporation that must have an average diameter of 6 inches and a standard deviation of 0.10 inch. The Lazer Company has developed a process that will meet the specifications with respect to the standard deviation, but it is still trying to meet the mean specifications. A test run (considered a random sample) of parts was produced, and the company wishes to determine whether this latest process that produced the sample will produce parts meeting the requirement of an average diameter equal to 6 inches.

    Use Excel to:

    Construct the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses with correct parameters.
    Develop the decision rule assuming that the sample size is 200 parts and the significance level is 0.01.
    In a Word document:

    Recommend what the Lazer Company should conclude if the sample mean diameter for the 200 parts is 6.03 inches.
    Submit your recommendations in a Word document and attach your Excel file.

    2. Terry Downes owns a commercial cleaning company. He has conducted a survey of customers to determine how satisfied they are with the work performed. He devised a 100-point rating scale—with 0 being poor and 100 being excellent service, selected a random sample of 14 customers, and asked them to rate the service. He also recorded the number of worker hours spent in the customer’s facility. These are in the file named Downes.

    Use Excel to complete the following:

    Develop a scatter plot showing the variables, rate of service and worker hours, with the y variable on the vertical axis and the x variable on the horizontal axis, and indicating the type of relationship.
    Develop a linear regression model to explain the variation in the service rating.
    Use Word to complete the following:

    Describe the model, showing the results of the pertinent hypothesis tests, using a significance level of 0.10.
    Submit your work in a Word document and attach your Excel file.[supanova_question]

  • situation or issue that you wish to impact and design an action-learning plan for your intervention. Topics may include work, family, and relationship issues but should be personally meaningful to you. o Provide a description of the current situation and of the desired state. o Make your starting assumptions and beliefs explicit! o Explain who is in a guiding coalition to help you. o Document your plan for learning by journaling each day.
    Choose a situation or issue that you wish to impact and design an action-learning plan for your intervention. Topics may include work, family, and relationship issues but should be personally meaningful to you. o Provide a description of the current situation and of the desired state. o Make your starting assumptions and beliefs explicit! o Explain who is in a guiding coalition to help you. o Document your plan for learning by journaling each day. Submit your one-page plan[supanova_question]

    Submit a paper which is about 4-pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, and double-spaced. The paper should

    Submit a paper which is about 4-pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, and double-spaced. The paper should cite sources independent of the textbooks using APA format.

    You have been hired by a company to help them diversify their workforce — your choose the type of company. Write a proposal to present to the Senior Management staff that addresses how to begin this diversification. Assume the business that has hired you is committed to training and education of people who have the talent, but may need some professional development, coaching, mentoring, etc. The CEO and Vice President for Human Resources have met with you and made it clear that diversity of all types is important, including cultural, gender and sexual orientation; they believe in inclusivity in the broadest of terms.

    This company is looking for a proposal that is integrated into all key functions of the organization, including, Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Pay and Incentives; Performance Management and Appraisal; and anything else appropriate to the type of organization you choose. You should consider the geographic region where the company is located and the demographics of the people who live nearby. Along with proposal include recommendations for policies and procedures that need to be considered as part of this effort.

    The choice of business is yours, your paper should include start with a brief descriiption of the business and where it is located.

    Assessment Criteria

    Descriiption of business and geographic location is included and provides enough detail to set the stage for the rest of the proposal
    Paper includes a descriiption of the overall plan for diversification that makes sense given the business itself and where it is located
    Paper includes proposal for recruitment and selection of employees
    Paper includes proposal for training and professional development
    Paper includes proposal for restructuring pay and incentives
    Paper includes proposal for performance management and appraisal
    Paper includes recommendations for policies and procedures that need to be added, updated or changed
    Writing Organization
    Use of Research and References[supanova_question]

    As we have discussed in previous units, cultural intelligence contains four specific features: metacognitive and cognitive CQ (cognition), motivational

    Business Assignment Help As we have discussed in previous units, cultural intelligence contains four specific features: metacognitive and cognitive CQ (cognition), motivational CQ (motivation), and behavioral CQ (action).

    Discuss how these how features work together in conjunction with Authentic Leadership. From the perspective of a leader within your organization, focus on how each feature specifically interacts with cultural intelligence and authentic leadership.
    Global leaders need to be able to nimbly adapt to different situations, adjusting quickly. How does having high cultural intelligence allow a leader to adapt to novel situations?

    Create a research document based on the Scenario and Instructions of “LDR4200CBE_Deliverable 4 – Global Leadership.PDF” and “LDR4200CBE_Deliverable 4

    Create a research document based on the Scenario and Instructions of “LDR4200CBE_Deliverable 4 – Global Leadership.PDF” and “LDR4200CBE_Deliverable 4 – Minimum Requirements.PDF”. Supporting information is found in the additional PDF documents.
    Additionally, Regarding the “# or more” within the grading criteria the lowest number is sufficient. Therefore “2 or more” = 2 and “4 or more” = 4.[supanova_question]

  • Discussion post

    Do you think the implementation of international accounting standards is feasible? Please explain.(2nd question) Look at the origins and purposes of accounting and discuss how our society’s development has been affected by its use. Could our society function as it currently does without accounting? Please explain.(3rd question) What role does the Securities and Exchange Commission play in regulating accounting in the United States? Please explain.

  • Evaluation of Agency Human Resources

    The analysis will be read by the VP of Public Services and client support, as well as by the leaders of the agency for which you are working. Write a 5–7 page paper (including title and reference page) titled Part 3: Evaluation of [Selected Agency]’s Human Resources Management, in which you separate the content into the following sections:Human Resources Processes.Implications of Human Resource Workforce.Succession Planning for Human Resource Management.InstructionsAnalyze the major components of the agency’s human resources system, including processes, and a performance evaluation plan for attracting and retaining the best and brightest public workforce. Analysis should be focused and detailed.Describe three factors impacting  the agency’s current employment trend and delivery of its products and services.Recommend two strategies required to improve the agency’s workforce. Explain each recommendation providing specific reasons why it would bring about improvement.Discuss two ways the agency could implement programs as a method of promotion and advancement for current employees.Use at least three quality sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. Include no more than one nongovernment website.For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.Produce writing that is clear and well organized and applies appropriate SWS style. Writing contains accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

  • future of quality and safety

    It should be in APA format. I need a minimum of two references. I will attach two links for optional articles to use but if you find better, please feel free to use. I have attached instructions for the paper.