essay about the most important paper I ever wrote

Instructions:Help your instructor to get an idea what your writing is like by describing in about 2 pages (600 words) the most important piece of writing you have ever done and explaining why it was so important. You must write about something that you have written in the past. This assignment is a very personal piece of writing, so first person (“I” “me” and “my”) is appropriate. The writing you describe does not have to be a piece you wrote for school; it can be a job application, a letter, or anything else that turned out to be important. You should define what “important” means— perhaps it was important to you but not to anyone else. Explain why it mattered.Something instructors notice when grading this assignment: a tendency to forget about the piece of writing itself. This should be the focal point of your essay! State clearly as soon as you can what it was and why it was important. Describe the piece of writing as much as you can. And fill in whatever details you think are necessary to better understand it (about you, about your life, about anything else) from there. Requirements:2 pages (600 words)TypewrittenDue Date:This assignment is due on the first Friday of the course in order for your instructor to record your participation. This assignment is worth 50 points.