Environmental Pollution

.. here is what the teacher posted:I’ve changed the topic of this final assignment from what’s on the syllabus, as I thought it would be easier to find sources and information on, as well as be more interesting. If you’ve already written a good portion of this assignment already, based upon the previous prompt, just let me know. This paper should be around 500 words (about two pages), and have a properly formatted references section (minimum of two sources expected, not including the book) with in-text citations.Prompt:In the first part of your essay, I want you to outline a business, either a specific company (e.g. Exxon) or just field of business (e.g. oil industry) that has traditionally contributed to degradation of the environment (water/air pollution, habitat destruction, major emitter of greenhouse gases, etc). Give a basic intoduction and summary of the main environmental impacts associated with the business.In the second part, outline a specific company or new field of business that is operating in the same space as the polluter company outlined above, and talk about what they are doing differently in order to limit or remedy environmental harm that has typically been associated with that type of business. Give a summary of how they are operating in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.