Disparites in Healthcare for Black Women

This research paper draft should include the following:A formal introduction, which includes your research question and a tentative thesis statement. A minimum of 10-14 body paragraphs in whichEach paragraph expresses a claim and provides evidence supporting the claim (CEA);Each paragraph has between 4 and 10 sentences;The evidence is derived from the academic and/or primary sources collected in your working bibliography, annotated bibliography, and any additional research.Use a conclusion strategy that wraps up your paper without directly repeating anything you’ve already written.General ExpectationsWrite in a formal, neutral, academic tone, avoiding second person (“you”) and personal opinions or experiences.Include citations for all information that is not your original idea, whether in paraphrase, summary, or quotation form.All sources cited in your Works Cited or References page should be used in your paper.Cite sources in the text using correct MLA-8 or APA-7 style, and include a Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) page.The paper should be formatted in your assigned or agreed upon documentation style.