Detailed Design/Pseudocode development

You are required to refine your specification into a detailed design including refined UML diagrams covering Class, Use-case, activity and sequence diagrams.You must provide pseudocode of your software in support of your project specification. While not required at this point, you are encouraged to write (or minimally start) writing the actual source code of the implementation of your project.Your project deliverables should include the following:Working prototype code demonstrating some of the business logic that will support your application (e.g. this could be the functionality to check to see if a student is eligible to register for a class).A refined UML Class diagram, reflecting additional detailA refined UML Sequence diagram, reflecting additional detail.A UML Use-Case diagram depicting the use-case relationships at an overview level (must minimally include monitor students, register students, maintain courses, maintain classes)A summary page (at least one page description double-spaced) explaining the project including:at an overview levela description of the UML diagramsthe relationships between the diagrams to each other.A high-level pseudocode description of all major functions to be performed in the application.