criminal Justice Ethics

Write your paper incorporating as much material from the book or library material related to concepts we have addressed and analyze the scenario with the steps you have been using all alongBe sure to use two ethical systems in the step before resolving the dilemma (describe, then compare and contrast them ) Analyze and resolve the ethical dilemma in a 3 (12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins) page paper using the steps on how to resolve a dilemma. Determine the facts (summarize) What is the dilemma (state the dilemma)? Possible decisions for the ethical actor (state and discuss). Values related to the actor (state and discuss) Ethical systems (discuss and compare one from each ethical systems list 1 and 2). Resolve the dilemma (explain ). Be sure to write clearly and concisely. Using the steps as titles for each section is a good idea. Use the language of the ethical system (cite the book in text and works cited)Look in the book for any material related to the professional group. Use external sources.