Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice

While due process is often thought about in the context of the investigation and trial stages of the process, it also extends to sentencing and post-conviction stages.TasksThis assignment focuses on cruel and unusual punishment as highlighted in the Eighth Amendment. You will create a professional PowerPoint Presentation that traces the historical development of this protection of the Eighth Amendment via case law. Outline the evolution of a sentencing safeguard. More specifically, you will start with the origins (i.e., Constitution) of the amendment, and then present case law that shaped the modern application of the safeguards in criminal procedure. Case law discussed should be limited to cases heard by the Supreme Court that deal with procedural safeguards concerning cruel and unusual punishment.Your presentation should be at least 10 slides, which does not include the title and reference slides. Content on slides should be the main points or highlights, while expanding in detail using the notes section of each slide. Relevant graphics should be used as context.Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment, which includes cases and graphics and images