Complaint letter

What you should NOT do in this letter: Do NOT begin your letter with “My name is . . . “Do NOT begin your letter “I am writing this letter to inform you . . . ”  (or any form of this type of “hedging” opening; see writing criteria for an explanation of hedging phrases). Process for Composing a Complaint LetterStep 1:  Identify a problem at John Jay.Step 2.  Articulate that problem in the first paragraph, explicitly stating the overall problem. Open your letter by specifically stating the issue you want to address (think: who/what/where/when/how/why?).Step 3:  In your second paragraph, cite a specific example of this problem and the implications it has for students.Step 4:  In the third paragraph, explicitly state how you would like the John Jay administrator to resolve the problem.  Offer a solution if appropriate.Your complaint letter should appear on a personal letterhead to make it look official and professional.  (Google “sample letterhead” and pick an appropriate example.) Here you will find a link to a  Eng 235 Complaint Letter Example with sidebars.pdf