Cold War

(15 points each.) That is, you will write two essays, one for each of the prompts you choose.  Your answers should be in the form clear, coherent, well-organized essays.  Note that you cannot answer these prompts with a bare listing of events, places, and dates.  You must make a connected argument about the events and ideas you discuss.  Your essay should cover as much of the semester as is relevant.  You are being asked to go beyond a simple recitation of what we have covered, and draw together multiple strands into a coherent whole.Note that an essay has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction should tell me what your overarching argument is.You should not need to refer to any sources other than the textbook and lecture notes.  If you do consult any other sources, make sure you cite them properly.  That means a footnote or in-text citation for every idea or bit of information from an outside source.Format your papers in accordance with standard academic practice—double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font.  Your name should appear at the top of each essay.  You do not need to repeat the prompt, but use the prompt number as it is here.Prompt 1-Cold War—Discuss the bipolar world view the Cold War gave rise to.  How did the end of WWII create a system in which only two ideological points of view seemed possible?  What effects did this have on events from the 1950s through the 1980s?  How did both sides deal with it?  How did it lead to misunderstandings of political unrest in various parts of the world?  In what ways is that bipolar view still with us?Prompt 2-World Wars—Compare the outcomes of the first and second world wars.  Consider the conflicts each spawned (and why) and how they were dealt with.  What were the social and political changes that came from each?You will write 2 pages for each prompt.