Chapter 15 Discussion Post

Chapter 15 Discussion PostYou may have heard that some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated because of a published study linking the MMR vaccine to Autism.
Now, make sure to read the section in your text entitled: Child Vaccinations and Autism Spectrum Disorder. After reading this section, discuss your thoughts about this issue. Make sure that you reply to at least one other classmate’s post. Always be polite and respectful when responding to another position. – CHAPTER 14 AND 15 TEXTBOOK SECTIONS FOR DISCUSSION
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Psychology Question

Take any modern psychological issue (e.g., psychotherapy vs. medication in treatment of mental illness) and look at it from the perspective of two theorists or theories discussed in this course. The goal of this assignment is to learn about different sides of an argument from the perspectives of different theories or theorists, and then to apply that knowledge to pertinent topic in psychology today. You may write your paper as an actual debate, or simply write a traditional paper comparing and contrasting the different perspectives. The main goal is to be able to take knowledge learned in this course and to apply it to some more recent idea or issue. Remember to make your topi and your debate as specific as possible since this is only a 5-page paper?Feel free to choose any two theorists or theories discussed in the text. Just a few examples may be:
Freud vs. Skinner on the causes and treatments of addictionErikson vs. Freud on nature-nurture issues in child developmentSkinner vs. Bandura on school learning environments Skinner vs. Rogers or any humanistic theorist on how to shape behavior and growthPiaget vs. Watson on how learning and creativity
Any two theorists on whether emotions are helpful or harmful in decision making

Using the SPSS Output Provided: • Job Satisfaction measured using the JSAT Scale (scores range from 0 – 40) Essay

Psychology Assignment Help Using the SPSS Output Provided:
• Job Satisfaction measured using the JSAT Scale (scores range from 0 – 40)
• Productivity measured using the PDUCT Scale (scores range from 1 – 50)
• Years in the job measured in years.

QUESTION A: Write the results of the Multiple Regression in paragraph Form in accordance with the guidelines provided. Example, of writing the results is on the last page of guidelines. Please follow it when writing.

QUESTION B: With the use of an example for each assumption, explain 2 assumptions that must be met before a multiple regression can be completed. Examples of assumptions are provided in the assumptions document. Use a source for each assumption.


Objectives The goal of this discussion post is for you to identify and explain each of Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Eight Essay

Objectives The goal of this discussion post is for you to identify and explain each of Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Eight Stages and then explore your development through his perspective. Are you a person who is curious about your own and others psychological development or are you someone who thinks people are just who they are and it doesn’t matter how they get there? Some of my own family members wonder why I am so intrigued by who we are in this lifetime. Whatever your views, this is your opportunity to study a theory and then apply it to your own life. Directions Before you respond to your discussion prompts review material in your textbook: Erik Erikson’s Theory of Socioemotional Development section of Chapter 8 focusing on each stage, particularly the developmental task and resolution for each stage. Note that there is a chart briefly explaining each of the stages but be sure to study all the material included on pages 304-312. This video is also a helpful summary: Step 1 – Post (15 points) Provide an explanation of each of the eight stages of development he identifies: For each stage: State the name of the stage, the age period it describes, and describe the developmental task as represented by the two possible outcomes that demonstrate the greater personal competence or the greater weakness. For each stage: Provide specific examples for each of the possible outcomes by sharing a story or example from your own life, or that of a family member or friend, for each of the possible outcomes. Please remember to always protect the confidentiality of others if you are sharing someone else’s experience. Below is an example from my life so you can get a sense of what I’m looking for in your response: Trust vs. Mistrust example answer for 1B: Trust – When my brother was born, my mother took a break from her studies/work to be a caregiver. My brother had my mother’s undivided attention. He developed a sense trust, that people will be there for him when he needs them. Mistrust – About four months after my birth, my mother returned to her studies/work. She arranged for half-time positions, relatively unheard of at the time, which were awkwardly arranged for one month of near constant work and one month “off” where she could be with me at home. As an infant, I did not understand why my caregiver would appear and disappear, when she returned home, I would initially push her away. I developed a sense of mistrust in my personal relationships, questioning whether people will be there for me when I need them. 2. Critical analysis: What about Erik Erikson’s theory feels accurate to you or useful to you (explain)? What critiques do you have of Erik Erikson’s theory? (~one paragraph) 3. THROUGHLINE: Consider your current age and developmental stage: What state of socioemotional development are you currently in? What resolution are you moving towards in this stage and give reasons for it. (~one paragraph)[supanova_question]