PMP Baseline

This has 4 parts that will need to be developed – The baseline, the scope, project schedule, and project budget. If you cannot create the tasks budget in ProjectLibre then you may utilize MS Excel. For the budget, it is a hypothetical “dollar”. You will not need to calculate anything. You will just need to assign a “budget” to each respective task. Instructions attached for you.

social media in philosophy

(2) Present a detailed explanation of that situation/event using the conceptsintroduced in one of the readings we discussed this semester. You can choose anyreading we discussed.(3) Present an objection to your explanation: how could somebody holding adifferent position interpret the situation/event you have presented and how couldthey answer to your own explanation of that situation/event?(4) Respond to that objection from the point of view you have chosen to defend.Example: I have recently read on the New York Times that a big cryptocurrency companywent bankrupt and millions of dollars disappeared into nothing in a few days if notminutes. Suppose that I choose to focus on that situation, and I decide to explain it usingthe conceptual framework of Descartes’ First Meditation. (1) So I start my paper bygiving a brief but clear and comprehensive account of that situation as I read it on theNew York Times. (2) Then I explain that scenario using Descartes’ First Meditation, forexample by raising the question of the metaphysical status of cryptocurrency: is it real?Is it something of whose existence we can doubt? Is it something that has a physicalconsistency? Following the lead of Descartes’ First Meditation, I argue thatcryptocurrency is not real in the sense that it is nothing outside our own minds. (3) I thenpresent an objection to my Cartesian interpretation of cryptocurrency, for examplesupposing that someone might argue that cryptocurrency is both real and physicalbecause (a) it depends on some physical machinery carrying out algorithms and (b) it hassome very real consequences on economics and on the lives of people (especially thosewho invested on it). (4) I respond to that objection arguing that many things that existonly in our mind (for example, dreams, imaginary characters, moral ideals) have a realinfluence on our lives, but that this doesn’t make them any more real, in the sense thatthey still have existence only in our minds.Please note that this is only an example (and probably not a very good one), and it isgiven to illustrate how you should proceed. You should choose a situation or eventdifferent from the one I have given in my example, and you should analyze it from aperspective different from the one I have indicated in the example.InstructionsThe paper should address the four points I have indicated, but it should be structuredas one paper and not as four separate answers to four questions.After you have finished outlining your paper, you should write a short openingsentence in which you state what you are going to argue for in the paper and announce itsoutline (we will discuss some examples in class).When writing and reviewing your paper, ask yourself the following questions:Philosophy of Human Nature, Fall 2022(a) Is the thesis you intend to defend clear?(b) Is the structure of the paper clear? How can it be improved?(c) Is the concrete situation or event well suited to be explained from the point ofview that you decided to defend?(d) Is the objection clearly expressed?(e) Is the response to the objection clearly expressed?(f) Is the paper written in a grammatically correct form?(g) If you are using technical concepts, are you sure that you have explained them inclear terms?

Environmental Pollution

.. here is what the teacher posted:I’ve changed the topic of this final assignment from what’s on the syllabus, as I thought it would be easier to find sources and information on, as well as be more interesting. If you’ve already written a good portion of this assignment already, based upon the previous prompt, just let me know. This paper should be around 500 words (about two pages), and have a properly formatted references section (minimum of two sources expected, not including the book) with in-text citations.Prompt:In the first part of your essay, I want you to outline a business, either a specific company (e.g. Exxon) or just field of business (e.g. oil industry) that has traditionally contributed to degradation of the environment (water/air pollution, habitat destruction, major emitter of greenhouse gases, etc). Give a basic intoduction and summary of the main environmental impacts associated with the business.In the second part, outline a specific company or new field of business that is operating in the same space as the polluter company outlined above, and talk about what they are doing differently in order to limit or remedy environmental harm that has typically been associated with that type of business. Give a summary of how they are operating in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Development Philosophy Paper

Requirements include:Title page and reference page (an abstract is not required)Length between 4-5 pages of content (excluding title page and reference page)Current APA format for all elements within the paperDouble-spacing12-point, Times New Roman fontPrompt:In this paper, you are to explain your personal theory of human development. Make sure you address all four areas of development (physical development, cognitive development, social development, and personality development).

Christian Theology

Then choose one more of the remaining questions, for a total of two  essays. Answers should utilize specific references to Migliore and your secondary source, as well as direct Bible references. Convince me you know what you are writing about. Answers should be around 2 pages each for a total of 4 pages.First one must be answered : Choose one of the theodicies mentioned by Migliore and detail how it attempts to reconcile the existence of God and the existence of Evil. You can find book online its Called Faith Seeking Understanding by Daniel MigliorePick ONE of the following as your second Construct a biblical understanding of the nature and function of the church. What are key characteristics of the church in Scripture and expanded on by tradition?What does it mean to be made in the image of God and how does sin effect that image?Build a proper understanding of either the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper or Baptism. Detail the biblical support for the sacrament and discuss how the sacrament should be practiced by the local church. B600 words (30 points)Michael Strahan article C500 to 700 words (20 points)New York times story “In India, American Investors B600 words (30 points)Michael Strahan article C500 to 700 words (20 points)New York times story “In India, American Investors saw the NFL of 20 years ago”

Faith Integration Research Paper

Complete assignment instructions are included in the attachment below.”Because I attend a Christian school, we must write this kind of paper. In the instructions, it is asked to share personal information and goals. But all I think the writer needs to know is that I value my faith as moderately important in the workplace,  I study business administration and aim to work in the consulting field.  Other than that, I leave complete freedom to the writer to input personal insights and points of view.

Pathophysiology: Regulation of the blood

Include the following:Effects of cardiac output and peripheral vascular resistanceShort-term and long-term regulation of BPNormal changes associated with pregnancyCirculatory changes associated with aging/systolic hypertensionA cover page and abstract is not needed. Please put your reference(s) at the end of the assignment using APA format

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This assignment will also ask you to synthesize all of the skills we have learned in They Say, I Say. For the academic research essay in this class, you will argue your specific “side” or perspective by advancing a thesis statement that is supported by credible evidence (your research) free of any fallacies. You will choose from the sources you closely evaluated for the library activity and research to advance your thesis in the essay. Your essay should have an original title.Assignment RubricA research essay that “Achieves Excellence” will be distinguished in the following criteria:The writer advances a thesis based on research and critical analysis (Chapters 4-10).The writer appropriately uses sources to advance his or her thesis statement (Chapters 1-10).The writer appropriately uses summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation (Chapters 1-3).The writer meets the Standards for Effective Composition (clarity, logic, accuracy, etc).The essay is 1500-2000 words.The writer adheres to MLA style for in-text citations and has a Works Cited page in MLA format.